5 easy and quick tricks for beautiful hair

5 easy and quick tricks for beautiful hair
5 easy and quick tricks for beautiful hair

Working active women don't always have time for extensive beauty treatments. Mothers with small children sometimes can't even make it to the bathroom, let alone have time to do their hair. That's why some easy and clever tricks come to the rescue, with which you can restore the beauty and good look of your hair in a few easy steps.

How to fix frizzy hair

During the day, the hair loses its volume, gets greasy at the roots and this causes it to stick close to the scalp. The end result is a flattened, withered hairstyle. To fix this problem, tilt your head down, spritz very lightly with hairspray. Tousle with your fingers at the base of the hair and lift your head back. Your volume will come back and stay for the rest of the day.

How to correct color after painting

If you dye yourself at home, you probably don't always approve of the result. In case you got a darker than desired color, immediately wash the hair with dish detergent. This will lighten the paint by 1-2 tones. Then make sure to nourish with a suitable conditioner or mask.

How to fix stuck strands

If you have brittle or curly hair, clumping of strands and curls is a problem. In case you don't have a serum on hand for this purpose, use a body lotion with a very light formula. Creams are not a good idea because of their heavier and greasy textures.

Drop a drop of lotion on your palms. Rub well and massage into the roots of the hair with movements slightly down the length of the strand. For thinner hair, use a little hair spray instead of lotion to avoid the quick-oily effect.

Quick refreshment after training

If you don't have time to shower after an intense workout and your hair is sweaty and flat, try restoring it with dry shampoo and baby powder. Carry these items in your emergency bag.

Mix a little of the dry shampoo and powder between your palms. Bend your hair forward. Rub the ingredients into the roots and massage gently. They will absorb the moisture from the hair and make it fresh and voluminous again.

How to cover up thinning hair

Apply a volumizing powder close to your color on the affected area. This way you will hide the flaw and make an additional volume that will act as a screen for the problem area.

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