20 Ways Sunburn Damages Your He alth

20 Ways Sunburn Damages Your He alth
20 Ways Sunburn Damages Your He alth

One of the most unpleasant side effects of overexposure to the sun in the summer is. It affects the skin, aging it, inflaming it, creating an increased risk of skin cancer later on. However, the damage that occurs in the body after a burn goes far beyond just affecting the skin. Burnout causes serious he alth problems throughout the body, some of which we don't even realize.

What are the ways in which sunburn affects overall he alth?

1.Causes severe headaches.

2.It may cause swelling of the tongue due to an allergic reaction of the body.

3.Ages the skin.

4.Causes unrelenting and unbearable itching.

5.Can make psoriasis worse.

6. Exacerbates existing autoimmune diseases.

7. Harms the immune system, destroys it and weakens it.

8. It provokes the appearance of herpes blisters due to the weakening of the immune system.

9.Causes bloating and gas.

10. Damages the eyes.

11.Can lead to flu-like symptoms.

12.Unlocks lupus crises. It worsens the involvement of the connective tissue that the disease attacks.

13.Causes difficulty in breathing.

14. Dehydrates the body.

15.It may make it difficult for you to move your body depending on how large areas of the body are burned and to what extent.

16. Causes rashes and urticaria.

17. Makes acne worse.

18.Reduces fertility.

19.Puts pregnancy at risk.

20.Can lead to heart attack.

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