8 things not to do after sunburn

8 things not to do after sunburn
8 things not to do after sunburn

is a common problem in summer. Even though we protect ourselves from the sun, we always get sunburned. After this happens, it is good not to make some mistakes that worsen the burn and prevent the skin from recovering quickly.

What not to do after sunburn?

Don't wear tight clothes

After you get burned, you need to let the skin breathe as much as possible to recover. For this recovery, it needs a good enough blood flow. If you wear tight clothes, blood circulation is disturbed and not enough blood reaches the parts affected by the burn.

Do not use aloe vera with petroleum impurities

If you use aloe vera gel to relieve the burn, you should know that it needs to be natural and without any impurities. Avoid aloe products that contain petroleum impurities and other skin-harming additives used in the cosmetic industry.

Remember to hydrate

To help the skin recover, you need to hydrate your body very well. Insufficient amounts of water in the body have been proven to interfere with healing processes in burns.

Don't cover the burn with makeup

If your face is burnt and you don't want it to show, you're probably putting makeup on top. This increases the risk of infections, deterioration of the skin condition, forced peeling of the dead skin without the underlying skin being sufficiently strengthened. Instead of covering up the burn, you can worsen the skin condition even more.

Don't pop the blisters

In case of a deeper burn, blisters filled with liquid are raised. It is a misconception that popping blisters speeds up the healing and recovery process. In fact, it can cause infections and inflammation of the tender skin below the burn.

Do not exfoliate

Exfoliating products contain glycolic acid, retinoids, salicylic acid, which have an abrasive effect and are aggressive to the skin, especially if it is burnt. In no case should they be applied after sunburn.

Do not use products containing alcohol

Some cosmetic skin cleansing products, such as toners, contain alcohol. Alcohol irritates burnt skin and can make it worse. Avoid similar products.

Take anti-inflammatory medication if necessary

A common mistake is avoiding anti-inflammatory medications immediately after a burn. A burn causes an inflammatory reaction in the body. Therefore, it is good to take an anti-inflammatory medication at the first symptoms of an inflammatory reaction after the burn. If the degree of burn is lower, such therapy is not necessary.Consult a doctor when such a situation occurs to be sure whether oral anti-inflammatory therapy is warranted or not.

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