Care with serum pearls for young and radiant skin

Care with serum pearls for young and radiant skin
Care with serum pearls for young and radiant skin

The cosmetic brand Nivea continues to be a faithful assistant to women in the fight against skin aging and maintaining its youthful, radiant appearance. In its family of anti-aging products, it has also added the innovative serum pearls Nivea Cellular Anti-Ageto restore volume, which support the skin's restorative properties.

This skincare contains the most effective anti-aging ingredients:

  • highly concentrated hyaluronic acid that penetrates deep into the layers of the skin;
  • collagen booster, activating collagen production - to strengthen the structure of skin;
  • creatine, which helps preserve skin energy and skin cell metabolism - for a lifting effect and restored facial contour.

The products' formula works at the cellular level to counteract the visible signs of aging, restoring skin's volume and elasticity from the inside out.


Besides the rich complex of valuable ingredients, this care is also distinguished by its unique texture. The serum pearls are mixed with an active hydrating gel and immediately before being applied to the skin, they are transformed into a freshly activated serum, which contributes to the most complete absorption of the ingredients contained in them.

Facial skin care is extremely important for women of all ages. Treat yourself to a feeling of pearly softness, restore skin elasticity and maintain a fresh and youthful facial appearance. For skin that is visibly rejuvenated and brightened.

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