Plants to repel mosquitoes at home and in the garden

Plants to repel mosquitoes at home and in the garden
Plants to repel mosquitoes at home and in the garden

With the arrival of warm days, we spend more time outdoors in the garden, on the balcony, the terrace or simply keep the windows open at home. This allows mosquitoes to pester and bite us, and no one wants that.

You can grow some plants that have the natural power to repel unwanted mosquitoes. These plants are suitable for planting in a garden, but can also be grown in a pot on the balcony. This way you will have a natural mosquito repellent in your home whenever you need it.

What are the plants that have the power to repel mosquitoes?


Citronella is a wonderful plant with a fantastic aroma, which is due to the natural essential oils in its composition. They have the power to repel mosquitoes as well as some other insects whose presence you do not want. It can be grown in the garden and in a pot.


Petunias are perennial plants with extremely beautiful flowers. They are very easy to grow at home, on the balcony or in the garden. Their flowering is long, colorful, gaudy, and their irreplaceable properties in driving away mosquitoes will make them even more preferred by you. Petunias can also keep beetles, worms, cicadas, moths, fruit flies, aphids away from your home.


Lavender contains essential oils that have a powerful and rich aroma. It has the property of calming the nervous system and favoring sleep. It also has powerful properties in driving away unwanted insects due to its strong aroma that we love so much. You can also rub lavender oil into your skin as a natural repellant.


Latina is a well-known plant in our country. It is used to decorate borders, gardens, parks, it is easily grown in a pot at home. Latin repels mosquitoes, and along with them aphids, beetles, flying bugs that annoy you around.


Rosemary is a wonderful herb with a fantastic aroma that flavors our dishes and teas. It has wonderful he alth benefits, but it also has the ability to repel mosquitoes. It can be grown in pots on the balcony or in the kitchen. That way you'll have a permanent barrier against insects, but you'll also have a fantastic fresh herb for your meals at your fingertips.


You may love the smell of basil, but mosquitoes definitely don't like it. If you've been eyeing potted basil to make delicious feasts with, you'll have another benefit from this spice – it'll keep mosquitoes away from your home.


Lemongrass is similar to citronella and its scent repels mosquitoes. It is completely edible and can be added to various dishes, as well as made into tea, hot or cold. Lemongrass is widely used in Asian cuisine.


Mint is well known in our cuisine and culture. It is a superb spice and herb with many properties. Its pleasant fresh scent is great for people but repulsive for mosquitoes. You can grow mint in a pot or in the garden to enjoy its wonderful properties.

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