Harmful habits that cause early appearance of wrinkles

Harmful habits that cause early appearance of wrinkles
Harmful habits that cause early appearance of wrinkles

Everyone would like to stay forever young and if possible with perfect elastic skin, especially women. However, sometimes wrinkles start to appear too early. Therefore, it is good to think about whether we are not contributing to their early appearance with some harmful unconscious habits that many of us have.

Rubbing eyes

Eye rubbing may seem harmless, but it's not. This harmful habit affects the extremely thin and delicate skin around the eyes, leaving fine lines and wrinkles on it. Avoid doing it no matter how tired your eyes are.

Don't wear sunglasses

Sunglasses protect the eye from harmful UV rays, but they also have another important function that is often neglected – they protect the skin around the eyes from wrinkles.How? By helping to keep your eyes from squinting, fighting the sunlight. By looking normally through sunglasses, you help your skin not to wrinkle unnecessarily.

You eat too much sugar

Carbohydrates are not good for the skin. Sugary desserts not only add extra calories to your daily intake, but also create conditions for the formation of end products of metabolic processes, proteins or lipids, which become glycated after being exposed to the influence of sugars. This is a serious factor affecting the aging of all cells in the body, not only skin cells.

Lack of sleep

Sleep is beauty. We've heard this cliché, but there's a lot of truth to it. In order to be beautiful, young and he althy for longer, you must get the necessary amount of sleep of at least 7-8 hours a day.

Sleeping on your stomach

Sleep is important, but how we sleep is also important. If your favorite sleeping position is on your stomach, it's time to rethink this habit for the sake of beauty. In this pose, most of the face is compressed, causing the skin to wrinkle and fine lines to appear.

Frequent touching of the face

If you have the habit of frequently touching your face or resting your head in your hands, you should know that these habits are harmful to the skin. They create a prerequisite for the appearance of wrinkles, especially if you practice them often.

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