Beauty tricks every lady should know

Beauty tricks every lady should know
Beauty tricks every lady should know

For a woman to be beautiful, she must take care of her beauty every day.

Besides proper cosmetics and makeup, she also needs some easy tricks that save time but the end result is stunning.

If you want to make the lipstick last longer, after applying it on the lips, place a napkin very lightly over it (dissolved to be as fine as possible).

Then, using a brush, apply translucent powder on the napkin with light tapping motions.

Dark circles under the eyes not only give a tired look, but are often difficult to conceal. To reduce their visibility, it is good to apply a concealer. But not following the shape of the eye, but in the shape of a triangle.


It often happens that the eyeliner or lip pencil is hard and make-up is impossible with it. To soften it and make it easy to put on makeup, very lightly for a second or two (if you need to repeat several times) heat its tip with the flame of a lighter.

Did you like the smokey makeup on the eyelids? When in the right colors, it can be part of your daytime or evening look. A simple trick will help you achieve flawless smoky eyelids.


in which you will color the eyelids. Using an eyeliner, draw a hashtag just before the outer corner of your upper lid. Then, using an appropriate eyeshadow brush, blend the lines into one.

If you are still struggling to apply eyeliner, this spoon trick will help you out.


Never put concealer on your eyelids as a makeup base. This will make your shadows look cracked and your eyes tired.

Using shaving foam? Try coconut oil. This will leave your skin soft, hydrated and you won't have any nasty itches or pimples after hair removal.

If you want your nail polish to dry faster, dip your hands in a bowl of ice water.

In case your eyebrows are unruly, but you don't have a special eyebrow styler, the easiest and fastest way to smooth them and make them look good is to apply a small amount of hairspray on them. Then comb lightly with an eyebrow brush.

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