How Prune Kernel Oil Makes Skin Younger

How Prune Kernel Oil Makes Skin Younger
How Prune Kernel Oil Makes Skin Younger

Plum seed oil is believed to be an anti-inflammatory ingredient that protects the skin from oxidative stress and supports cell repair, sebum synthesis and skin renewal.

It is believed to have been adopted worldwide by Chinese culture. Today we can buy plum kernel oil from organic stores, pharmacies, specialized cosmetics stores. It is also used in the cosmetics industry, being added usually to creams for the face, neck and d├ęcolletage, but it is also a suitable care for the skin of the body, for the hair.

What are the skin benefits of this amazing oil?

It is a very good moisturizer. It is rich in omega fatty acids 6 and 9, vitamins A and E. Plum kernel oil is believed to have anti-inflammatory effects as it contains polyphenols known to protect skin from UV rays and premature skin aging.

This oil is known to provide the skin with vitamin A, which is one of the best for treating wrinkles, improving skin elasticity and promoting cell turnover.

As it is rich in antioxidants, plum kernel oil protects the skin from free radicals and environmental stressors, helping to make it look radiant and have fewer age spots.

But the oil also contains the indispensable vitamin C,which is also an antioxidant and known to have restorative properties at the cellular level.

If your skin is more oily or prone to frequent breakouts, prune seed oil acts as a regulator of sebum secretion.The oil is rich in oleic and linoleic acids. Oleic acid is known to prevent excessive oiliness of the skin, but keeps skin hydrated. Linoleic acid prevents excess accumulation of dead skin cells, thus reducing the risk of clogging pores.

Plum kernel oil is a great care for mature skin as well as after sun exposure. It is believed to improve the condition of skin with eczema, psoriasis.

How can the oil be used?

It is suitable for making homemade cosmetics with other oils, homemade face masks or peelings for body and face, as well as in small quantities 1-2 drops to be applied alone to the skin, before the cream for example, if the skin you find it drier or to the cream itself. It can be applied to dry and clean skin or to slightly damp skin.

The oil combines well with jojoba oil, rose water, honey, coconut oil, rosehip oil, frankincense, hemp. Add 1-2 drops of jojoba oil to 2-3 drops of plum oil, mix and apply to the skin of the face with light massage movements.

Caution, always consult a specialist before use.

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