Remove enlarged skin pores

Remove enlarged skin pores
Remove enlarged skin pores

Enlarged pores spoil the natural beauty of many women's skin. Oily and uneven skin tone is directly related to problematic pores. How can you save yourself from them? What helps shrink them and smooth the complexion?

What are enlarged pores?

Before we answer the question “How to remove pores?” let's explain what actually causes them to dissolve. Pores are a kind of "tube" with the help of which the sebaceous glands on the skin of the face throw out their secretion. Hyperfunction of the sebaceous glands causes the skin to become excessively oily, which enlarges the pores.

Causes of open pores

Sunlight damages the collagen in the skin, which reduces its elasticity. This leads to enlarged pores, which in some cases even look like they're open. Aging is another factor that causes the natural proteins in the skin to break down, which are responsible for balancing skin texture and complexion.


For the problem of enlarged pores, deep cleansing and exfoliation are essential to get rid of the unpleasant problem. Note that excessive exfoliation is also not recommended. It leads to dry skin and other problems.


Never squeeze pimples. When you squeeze them, you damage the pores in depth and this causes further expansion. This makes the pore unable to regain its previous normal width.


Almost all of us tend to forget sunscreen when we're not at the beach.And even then, we rely on hiding under the shadow of the umbrella. But the sun is merciless! Collagen degradation can lead to permanent skin pore damage caused by harmful UV rays.


This method is another suitable cosmetic way to affect enlarged pores. With this light cleansing procedure, you will refresh the skin of the face, shrink the pores and smooth the complexion. This technique involves the use of fine crystals and mechanical peeling, which has an extremely beneficial effect on the pores.

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