Are hot tubs and saunas safe for pregnant women?

Are hot tubs and saunas safe for pregnant women?
Are hot tubs and saunas safe for pregnant women?

Pregnant women need more rest and relaxation to calm the tense muscles and nerves in the body that changes due to pregnancy. However, not all types of rest are suitable. If you are used to relaxing in the sauna or in the jacuzzi, pregnancy is not a particularly good time for this kind of relaxation.

The main risk of entering a sauna or hot tub for pregnant women is overheating, dizziness, the risk of fainting and dehydration. These conditions adversely affect the developing fetus, which is why such relaxation practices are not recommended during pregnancy.

A study by Australian scientists from 2018 found this danger for pregnant women from the extremely high temperatures in the sauna and jacuzzi, which is why scientists do not recommend their use, especially during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy.

Any activities that increase the temperature in the small and large pelvis are not recommended.

Scientists are not sure, however, exactly what the effects are on the fetus and whether there are any direct effects at all.

Another Australian study, also reprinted in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, suggests that there are no or very small direct risks to the baby.

However, experts advise mothers-to-be to be very careful when undertaking activities with extremely high temperatures, which can cause sickness and sudden overheating.

The high humidity is also important, which can negatively contribute to the deterioration of the current condition.

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