The condition of the feet suggests a he alth problem

The condition of the feet suggests a he alth problem
The condition of the feet suggests a he alth problem

The human body is designed in such a way that when there is any he alth problem, it will tell about it. People rarely pay attention to many of the symptoms. What he alth problems do your feet indicate?

When the hair on your legs and toes becomes lighter or absent

Usually these symptoms suggest circulatory problems. Sudden baldness can be due to insufficient blood flow to your legs, which supports hair growth. This condition can also suggest possible heart problems.

Frequent leg cramps

Severe, sudden and prolonged pain is most often a sign of dehydration or nutritional deficiency.You should not ignore this problem. If you are active in sports, do not forget to drink enough water during training. Dehydration can cause uncomfortable muscle cramps. Also try to increase your intake of magnesium, potassium and calcium. If symptoms persist, seek medical advice as you may also have circulation problems or nerve damage.

Wound that heals very slowly or not at all

Stubborn sores usually suggest diabetes. Uncontrolled glucose levels can lead to nerve damage in the legs. According to dermatologists, skin cancer can be recognized by the formation of similar wounds.

Forever cold feet

Cold feet are a sign not only of poor circulation, but also of hypothyroidism. This is the most common reason for feet not being warm. Hypothyroidism is a sign of a thyroid problem. This condition can lead to fatigue, hair loss, depression, weight gain, and more.

Sudden toe extension

May suggest gout, arthritis, or other inflammatory process.

Feet numbness and stiffness

Usually this condition is caused by peripheral neuropathy or pinched nerve. Peripheral neuropathy is most often caused by diabetes, alcoholism, and others. Numbness in the feet can also be caused by wearing uncomfortable shoes or sitting for long periods of time.

Scaly and itchy skin on feet

of dehydration or a fungal infection. If an unpleasant odor also appears, you certainly have foot fungus. If your nails are more yellow, brittle and crumbly when trimmed, you probably have nail fungus.

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