Side effects of acupuncture

Side effects of acupuncture
Side effects of acupuncture

More and more people are trusting acupuncture to reduce stress or solve some he alth problem. When you first visit such a procedure, you are usually introduced to how it will go, what you will feel, etc

After its completion, most patients feel well. In others, who are at the very beginning, there is a so-called healing crisis. As much as acupuncture can help, discomforts are sometimes seen,which are not worrisome, but it is good to be informed about them.


Usually after an acupuncture procedure one feels more alive. But in some cases, the procedure may make you feel more tired. This shouldn't worry you, but it's a good sign that you need more rest.


The places where your acupuncture needles were placed may be painful after the procedure. This most often occurs at the points of the hands and feet, and especially at the point located between the thumb and forefinger. You may also feel muscle aches, but these ailments will pass within 24 hours.

Skin bruising

needles to bruise, especially if you have weaker capillaries. It will take longer for them to subside than for other ailments.

Muscle twitches

Involuntary muscle twitches occur relatively often after or during a procedure. These are different from the muscle spasms that acupuncture can relieve.


It is observed quite rarely and in some cases dizziness can lead to loss of consciousness. It's a good idea to have something to eat whenever you go for an acupuncture procedure.

Emotional Release

In acupuncture, physical and emotional he alth are believed to be connected. Changes that occur in physical he alth can also affect the emotional state and vice versa. This release of emotions (most often when a person cries) should not worry you, nor does it happen to everyone who has sought the help of acupuncture.

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