10 things to do right after you get burned

10 things to do right after you get burned
10 things to do right after you get burned

You know you shouldn't let yourself burn when you're at the beach or hiking in the mountains. But sometimes it happens. Despite applying sunscreen creams and lotions, excessive exposure to the sun's rays can cause imperceptible skin burns. If this happens, you need to know what to do next to reduce the risks of things getting worse. Here's what to do right after you get burned.

Apply a cool compress

It is important to cool the area without icing it. Do not put ice directly on the burn as this will make things worse. It is preferable to apply something slightly cold to the affected area so as to take away the fire from the burnt skin.

Take a shower with lukewarm to cold water

Again, the water should not be ice cold, as this will intensify the burning effect. Cool to cold water is best for reducing pain, redness and irritation. Do not use abrasive cleaning products or scrub with a sponge. Avoid products with saturated fragrances, sulfates, and artificial colors. They also cause irritations.

Apply deep moisturizing cream

Burnt skin is severely dehydrated. Help her recover by not leaving her unmoisturized. Choose moisturizing products containing panthenol, which restores burnt skin.

Do not pop the blisters under any circumstances

If blisters appear on the skin after the burn, do not comb them and avoid popping them. This will put your skin at risk of infection, scarring, and prolong the recovery period.

Take anti-inflammatory medicine

If you are burned in more than one place, this can cause general inflammation and a rise in temperature. Take one or two anti-inflammatory tablets depending on the extent of the burn to block inflammation in the tissues.

Drink lots of water

Moisturization is important both externally on burnt skin and internally. A well-hydrated body speeds up the healing process of burned skin.

Take nutritional supplements

Collagen, vitamin A, C and E help the skin heal faster. You can also include them in your daily intake.

Apply sunscreen

Even if you don't plan to go out in the sun after the burn, still apply a cream or lotion with UV protection. This is relevant for sunburned skin because these products protect it from any sun rays hitting it, therefore worsening the damage.They also hydrate the skin. Remember that the sun's rays also pass through clouds, since they have no UV filter.

Consult a doctor if pain and redness worsen

Do it especially if blisters appear. This means that the burn is more advanced and your doctor will decide how to treat you.

Seek emergency care if fever and very high fever develop

These are some of the signs of sunstroke or heat stroke. If you have one of the two conditions, you should immediately seek medical help because they are not harmful to your he alth.

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