How to relieve irritated underarm skin in summer

How to relieve irritated underarm skin in summer
How to relieve irritated underarm skin in summer

Underarm skin is very delicate and can be easily irritated. Every day we apply aggressive detergents, antiperspirant deodorants, and shave her hairy area. All this, in combination with profuse sweating in the summer and the collection of dead skin cells, sebum, sweat and deodorant residues in the folds of the armpits, can cause irritations, rashes, redness.

One of the most common causes of underarm irritation is contact dermatitis, according to verywellhe It occurs when you come into contact with a certain irritant - most often a deodorant with more aggressive chemicals, fragrances or antiperspirant ingredients.The use of such deodorants can lead to skin irritation and unpleasant symptoms.

Another common cause of underarm skin irritation is fungal infection. It mainly occurs in the folds of the skin, where moisture and the retention of dirt and residues of cosmetic products create conditions for the development of bacterial or fungal growth.

Underarm irritation can occur as a result of inflammation of the hair follicles, after shaving or when rubbing. The risk increases in summer when sweating is more intense and temperatures are high.

How to reduce unpleasant armpit skin irritations in summer?

One of the easiest ways to get rid of underarm skin irritation is to make some changes to your hygiene habits. Taking a bath or shower more often is something that will relieve the irritations caused by excessive sweating, friction in the summer, as well as the use of deodorants.In the hot summer days, we tend to apply more deodorants and more often than in the winter because we sweat more and want to cover up the bad smell. Shower more often if possible. A warm or cool bath is also beneficial, according to he

It is important to avoid a hot bath or shower, as they further dry the skin in the summer and can increase irritations.

Essential oils, according to Medical News Today, are a fast-acting remedy for underarm skin irritations. Lavender, coconut, sunflower or olive oil are among the best options in such cases. Apply the oil of your choice using a cotton pad and massage gently in a circular motion for a few minutes.

According to he, it is important to eat more fruits rich in vitamin C. It is a powerful antioxidant and fights inflammation and allergic skin reactions. Vitamin C is involved in the regeneration of skin cells, which accelerates the healing process and improves the appearance of the skin.

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