How to turn grown roots into a spectacular hairstyle?

How to turn grown roots into a spectacular hairstyle?
How to turn grown roots into a spectacular hairstyle?

Hair dyeing is a commitment that torments many ladies around the world. Some dye to hide white hairs, others to rejuvenate themselves, others don't like their natural color.

Whatever your reason for dyeing, you probably want to extend the time between dyeing because it damages the hair. In addition, from a financial point of view, dyeing is a big feather in a lady's budget, especially if she regularly visits the services of a hairdresser.

What can you do to extend the time between paint jobs?

Here are some tricks:

Paint in a color close to yours

It is true that if you are a brunette who has chosen to become a blonde, this may not apply to you, but it is a fact that dyeing in a close to natural color allows you to refresh the dye less often. This method will not only spare your hair, but also be good for your pocket.


Don't keep your hair in the way

On-the-go hairstyles showcase grown-out roots. Instead, it's better to toss your hair to one side and then to the other. This makes undyed roots less noticeable.

Focus on the shine

Use hair products that increase the shine of the hair. This distracts from the undyed roots and makes the hair look really alive and shiny.

Try color enhancing products

There are quite a few products on the market that strengthen and refresh the color. They are more gentle than aggressive dyes and can extend the time until the next visit to the hairdresser.

Use colorant shampoo

Shampoo colorants are also an option. As long as you find one that comes close to your chosen paint color, you can use it. If you don't want to use it on the entire length of your hair, try it on the roots only.


Fall in love with braids

If you think braids are only for little girls, you're wrong. Braids are a great way to make your look more natural, beautiful and casually elegant. The good thing about braids is that they hide the undyed roots, so the defect can be turned into an effect.

Avoid standing up

Straightening with a press or hair dryer makes the roots even more visible and noticeable. Therefore, if you want to hide the fact that you are about to dye, postpone straightening your hair until after dyeing.

Get curls instead

Even light wavy curls work. Not only do they distract from your undyed hair, but they add volume and make your hair look more vibrant and bouncy.

Don't let hair get greasy

The dirtier the hair, the more it shows when it comes to dyeing. If you intend to dye your hair later in life, at least try not to let the hair get greasy.

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