4 beauty tricks to relax the eyes

4 beauty tricks to relax the eyes
4 beauty tricks to relax the eyes

At the end of the working day or after waking up, it happens that we feel tension in the eyes. Puffiness, dark circles, a tired look… We need a care that after thoroughly cleaning our makeup (or before applying it) will help us reduce tension. It's good that besides our favorite rose water, we can trust a few more products to relax our eyes. See who they are.

Aloe is a great skin care. It helps to soothe, restore and hydrate it. Apply aloe vera gel around the eye area as well as on the upper eyelids. To do this, lie down comfortably and enjoy 10-15 minutes of relaxation. The gel can be used for gentle massages. Aloe vera helps to reduce puffiness, the feeling of tension, improves blood circulation in this part of the face.


Great care for tired eyes. You need a few rounds of the vegetable to apply all over the eye area. Leave them on for 10 minutes. You will immediately feel relief and your skin will be nourished.


If you don't have cucumbers, you can replace them with a few slices of raw potato. They help reduce puffiness, but also reduce the appearance of dark spots (if you have any around the eye area). Apply them for about 15 minutes, then rinse with lukewarm water and apply a suitable cream.

Tea bags

Make your favorite green or herbal tea, but put the tea bags in the fridge for a few minutes. After they have cooled well, place them on the entire eye area. After 10-15 minutes you will feel much better.

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