The times you should never use a body scrub

The times you should never use a body scrub
The times you should never use a body scrub

Using a body scrub or facial scrub is good for the skin as it removes dead cells and stimulates the regeneration of new ones. The skin becomes smooth and soft and feels wonderful to the touch.

However, there are certain cases in which you should not use an exfoliant. Who are they?

On sunburn

Don't make the mistake of exfoliating your skin when it's sunburned. Some people mistakenly believe that using a scrub helps to heal and remove dead skin faster. This can only worsen the condition of your burned skin and irritate it greatly, which makes it difficult to heal.

After operations

Any exfoliation in the area of ​​the body that has undergone surgery is dangerous and reduces the rate of natural healing. Additional scarring, inflammation, irritation, swelling, potential tears may form.

After using skin lightening products

If you have recently used products that even out or lighten skin tone, you should not use a body scrub afterwards. Hyperpigmentation with potential complications is possible. It becomes even more risky if you use tan correcting products in the summer when the sun is strong and you are exposed to UV rays.

Use of scrub after this is prohibited. Even using lightening products in the summer is risky. Consult a dermatologist to guide you when it is best to use such products.

Before or after chemical peeling

Chemical peeling causes separation of the top layer of the skin. It is completely unnecessary, even dangerous, to treat it further with an exfoliant afterwards. This can only increase the risk of skin burns, lesions, redness and irritation, infections and swelling.

After an insect bite

It is a big mistake to exfoliate the skin where there is an insect bite. This creates a risk of spreading toxins from the insect bite, which can worsen symptoms.

Instead, use topical antihistamines, anti-inflammatories, cortisol creams, and cold compresses.

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