Softening peeling for heels

Softening peeling for heels
Softening peeling for heels

I got a cold, I got cold, I just woke up time for tights And here comes the unpleasant moment - it's not enough that there is always a great danger of it being torn from a bag, from something else and a hop loop. But it's even worse when the skin on our heels is so rough that it's the cause of torn socks.

That's why we offer you a homemade mask for rough skin. Can also be used for knees and elbows.

You need equal amounts of:

  • fresh milk
  • sea s alt
  • pulverized pumice stone - you take those pebbles that we usually use to solve the problem of rough heels. If you have any extra, crush it and iron it out.

Try this option as well, instead of rubbing your heels with a stone, do an exfoliation. Sounds more like a SPA treatment right? And everything related to the spa acquires the mystery of super pleasure and you no longer say to yourself "I have to take care of these heels to get them in good shape", you say like the fox from the fairy tale - "Ah, let me pamper the heels of poop."

Then everything is clear. For a more real spa atmosphere play your favorite music, light some scented candles and get started.

You stir the mixture and massage the problem area with a brush for as long as possible. Then wash and try the result.

Every woman knows how unpleasant it is to have torn pantyhose. Or to constantly think "Have I lost a loop again?" Maybe because of this, women have solved the problem once and for all by recognizing pants as women's clothing, but it's still different with a skirt, isn't it?

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