Shaving mistakes that harm the skin

Shaving mistakes that harm the skin
Shaving mistakes that harm the skin

Shaving is easy and fast. It makes the feet smooth and pleasant to the touch. Because of this, shaving is the most common way of hair removal among women, even though it is not permanent.

However, if you shave the wrong way, you risk damaging the skin on your legs or causing other problems.

Where do you go wrong when you shave?

Shave too fast

When you are in a hurry, and especially when the blade is new and sharp, vigorous shaving carries a huge risk of cutting yourself. You will almost certainly cut yourself. To avoid deep cuts, blood and unsightly scars, shave slowly and carefully.

You don't change the razor often

There are a lot of bacteria left on the razor that you can get infected with. Dull blades are prone to cuts because they make you push harder for a smoother shave.

Never exfoliate

To keep the skin smooth, you need to exfoliate often. Regular exfoliation allows the hair to grow properly, not ingrown, thus avoiding inflammation.

Shave as soon as you get in the shower

If you rush to shave the desired areas after just getting in the shower, you are wrong. You need to wait for some time to allow the pores of the skin to open. The heat and steam will help this happen. Thus, exfoliation and shaving will be more effective, the skin will be smoother and softer.

Using soap

Soap dries the skin, makes it susceptible to bacteria, irritations, redness, swelling. Instead, use special nourishing and moisturizing shaving creams that make the skin soft and smooth.

Sharing your razor

To avoid infections, do not share your razor even with your closest person or intimate partner.

Using a single blade razor

Revolutionary improvements to razors now allow the simultaneous use of 2, 3 or more blades. Don't go back in time. Modern razors work like this - the first blade roughly shaves the hairs, the second plucks the hairs that the first one failed to achieve, and the third ensures complete smoothness. Use quality devices to enjoy smooth and he althy skin.

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