Dermaplaning or should women shave their faces?

Dermaplaning or should women shave their faces?
Dermaplaning or should women shave their faces?

is a trend that many women would be scared of because it literally represents facial hair. Every woman has facial hair. In some, the fuzz is almost invisible, while in others, darker and thicker hairs are visible, especially above the upper lip, on the beard and below it. We are usually used to plucking these hairs with tweezers or with masking tape. Most women would be afraid to shave their face because we all know that it would cause ingrown hairs. And no lady wants to look like a man, right?

However, women who practice dermaplaning swear by this technique. They claim that not only does their hair not grow, but it also becomes smoother, softer and shinier.For them, shaving is not taboo. According to Cosmopolitan, dermaplaning has a number of benefits for renewing skin cells and improving the absorption of cosmetic products.

Dermaplaning expert Kerry Benjamin tells he that women mistakenly believe the myth that shaving makes hair darker and thicker. According to her, the hair will grow back as it was before you shaved it. The color will not change, nor will the hardness of the hair. She is convinced that shaving cannot change the structure of the hair follicle.

Another common myth is that shaving your face will lead to breakouts and acne. Doctor Benjamin claims that dermaplaning has just the opposite effect – it exfoliates dead skin and removes the top layer of cells, thus deep cleansing and stimulating skin regeneration. This makes the face more radiant and balanced.

According to another proponent of dermaplaning, Dr. Joyce Imahierobo-Ip, shaving the face gives the skin a smoother appearance, makeup stays on the skin better, and pores shrink and become less visible. In addition, skin tone and texture are improved.

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