Shaving the bikini line properly

Shaving the bikini line properly
Shaving the bikini line properly

Kolamask is not only the fastest and easiest way to remove hair from the triangle, but also the longest lasting. But not all women can bear the pain it causes.

That's why we turn to shaving. It is also fast, but unfortunately it can be no less problematic than the colamask. There is a risk of discomfort, itching, redness, rash, damaged skin.

What should we know about shaving the triangle properly?


First of all, if you haven't shaved your private parts recently, it's a good idea to trim the hair with scissors, otherwise it will be difficult. Not only will the razor get stuck, but there is a risk of damaging your skin from excessive scratching.

Don't miss the application of cream before shaving

Apply a pre-shave cream or balm to soften the skin and hair before the procedure. This will make it much easier to remove excess hair on the bikini line.

Always choose the right razor

The device you will be handling is very important. As tempting as cheap disposable razors may be, don't trust them. Choose a razor specially made for the female anatomy and needs to perform hair removal in a quality and accident-free way.

Although you will invest a little more money, you will not regret it. These special razors are also long-lasting and will pay you back.

Exfoliation matters

When talking about exfoliation, the most common association for women is related to the face. However, exfoliation is necessary for many parts of the body, including the bikini line.

Gentle exfoliation allows the removal of dead skin cells and the softening of hair follicles so that shaving causes minimal or no damage to the skin.


A 5-minute massage with a gentle exfoliating scrub with a soft cotton cloth is a great option before shaving.

Avoid rubbing dry or worn blades

This will only make your skin worse. Shaving should happen with ease, the blades should slide gently and effortlessly on the skin. Otherwise, the risk of skin injury or cuts is high. Even if the skin doesn't get infected or inflamed right away, it can happen after a while when you put your underwear on.

Always change blades as soon as you feel that sliding becomes difficult and laborious.

Apply moisturizer

After shaving, the skin needs to be soothed and hydrated. If you leave it without any moisturizer, it will start to dry out and itch. When applying a suitable moisturizer, the skin is protected from inflammation and irritation.

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