Why shouldn't you alternate between shaving and waxing?

Why shouldn't you alternate between shaving and waxing?
Why shouldn't you alternate between shaving and waxing?

Kolamask is one of the most effective and long-lasting methods for removing hair on the bikini line. Often women are tempted to shave between waxing treatments because they can't stand the hair, have an occasion where they need to be perfectly smooth, or their partner doesn't like hairy private parts.

Whatever the reason for this, shaving between waxing treatments is not a good option. Why?

You break the cycle

To make a hair mask, the hair must be of a certain length. If you shave the bikini line in the meantime, this length is disturbed. This makes your treatment schedule irregular and you'll actually go hairy longer than the other way around.


Changes hair texture

When you mainly pluck the hair with a comb, it makes the hair softer, more fragile, thinner and gentler. While shaving makes the hairs darker, coarser, blacker, and this makes the hair mask even more painful afterwards. In some cases, it can even cause the skin to break and bleed.

Results are not permanent

You just started shaving and shaving ruins everything. Your results will collapse after just one shave. Your hair will start growing fast again, your skin will get irritated and all the effort and pain you endured will go to hell.

Shaving leads to uneven results

You've had your hair waxed, but you've missed a few hairs and you decide to shave for greater smoothness. This causes some hairs to grow faster than others. Again, the result is rough skin covered here and there with hair. Don't you want that?


Causes ingrown hairs

Now pluck, now shave - don't be surprised if you start to suffer from ingrown hairs more and more often. The reason is that the hair cannot adapt to the continuous changes. The skin becomes susceptible to inflammation and the risk of infection increases.

After shaving, the stubble is longer and painful

After shaving, the hairs have become thick and thick again. That's why it will take you longer to remove them again using the eraser. It will hurt more and have more consequences. In some cases, even the skin may become bruised.

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