Mistakes in wearing and choosing shoes that harm he alth

Mistakes in wearing and choosing shoes that harm he alth
Mistakes in wearing and choosing shoes that harm he alth

The feet are the supporting link in our organism. They are not only subjected to enormous pressure, but millions of nerve endings are concentrated in them, which affect the state of all organs and systems in the body. This is why wearing comfortable shoes is so important for he alth. It is also important to choose and change in the right way, so that we not only avoid pain and discomfort, but also protect ourselves from a number of diseases.

What are the most common mistakes in choosing and wearing shoes that harm us?

Don't change shoes with a worn heel

Worn back of shoes whether low heel, heel or slightly raised heel should be replaced immediately.These wears change the center of gravity of the shoe, which has an extremely bad effect on the feet, posture, spine and overall body movement.

You don't change your sports shoes often enough

Sports shoes are subjected to even greater pressure during movement and active sports. That is why they wear out much faster and spoil their original ergonomic structure. In addition, sports shoes sweat very intensively from the inside due to the specifics of their use. This is a prerequisite for the development of various infections on the skin of the feet, in addition to the danger of contusions and traumas caused by the wear of this type of shoes.

You are crushing and squeezing your toes in an inappropriate shoe model

If you choose shoes with a sharp tip, whether they are high heels, boots or any other type of closed shoe, these models put too much pressure on the toes, which causes the toes to bend. Stiffening of the joints, swelling, damage to the skin and nails, compression of nerves and their inflammation appear.

Shoes should provide enough space for the toes to be free to avoid these serious problems.

Buying shoes online

Buying online is convenient and allows for an easier return of goods you don't like. However, not everyone takes advantage of this option to save time and headaches. If you put up with the uncomfortable shoes you bought online and wear them despite the complaints you have about them, you are making a huge mistake.

You don't try on new shoes in the afternoon or evening

If you went out to buy new shoes in the morning or before lunch, you should know that this is not a very good strategy. In the morning, the legs are not swollen and tired. Thus, you may be left with the false impression that the shoes you are trying on are comfortable for you. Try on shoes in the afternoon or evening instead. This way your leg will be more swollen and will help you choose the most comfortable option for you.

Trying on shoes too fast

You can never make an absolutely accurate judgment when trying on shoes, because only actual wearing them in everyday life can show if they are really comfortable. However, you can reduce the risk of buying the wrong shoes by trying them on a little longer in the store.

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