Cracked heels? Never again

Cracked heels? Never again
Cracked heels? Never again

One of the most annoying problems for women's feet in summer is cracked heels.

Strong sun, dry air, walking barefoot intensify dehydration of the skin. Since the skin on the feet is denser than any other part of the body, moisturizing it becomes more difficult. Cracked heels begin to remind themselves with a slight pain, especially with prolonged movement.

Provoked by this women's problem, we looked for a solution and offer to your attention one of the most successful products in the world, created with the technology Active Repair K+:

Cracked Heel Cream K+ with Keratin, specially created by Scholl - the 1 specialist in foot care.

Keratin is a type of protein that makes up hair, nails and the epidermis. It promotes rapid recovery of chapped skin and acts as a superficial protective agent.

  • Cracked Heel Cream K+, enriched with keratin and aloe vera, completely restores the rough and cracked skin of the heels. Supports hydration, naturally restores and softens the surface layer of the skin.

  • Results are visible in just 3 days! In just one week you will have smooth and soft skin on your heels, you can see for yourself!

  • Cracked Heel Cream K+ is a dermatologically tested product, with clinically proven results.

  • Hypoallergenic, fragrance free and suitable for people suffering from diabetes.

  • The cream is applied twice a day until the cracked heels are completely healed and can be used daily to prevent the problem in the future.

To achieve the best and lasting results Scholl specialists recommend 4 basic steps in foot care.Exfoliation – Moisturizing and nail care – Deodorizing and refreshing – Protection. You can also perform these steps at home - quickly and easily.

Follow Scholl's 4 steps for perfect feet and you could easily have perfect feet thanks to them, be more attractive and feel great!

Choose a day or a few hours just for yourself, pay attention to your feet. On other days of the week, try to incorporate foot care into your regular routine – trust us, it's worth it!

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