Uncomfortable shoes - let's solve the problem

Uncomfortable shoes - let's solve the problem
Uncomfortable shoes - let's solve the problem

Have you ever tried on shoes in the store, they fit well and are comfortable, but after wearing them for a while they leave you with huge sores that you can barely get home with?

We're sure the answer is yes. Everyone has experienced this extremely unpleasant and painful problem at least once.

Sometimes the material the shoe is made of is to blame, sometimes the size or the duration of wear. Whatever the reason, there are some solutions to help you wear the shoes you are with pleasure, and above all – without pain!

Straps too tight

Instead of waiting for the straps to stretch on their own over time, and until then suffering from their painful digging into your ankles, you can loosen them with the help of a little water.Wet them and gently begin to stretch them until the skin begins to relax. Put on the shoes and wear them until the skin dries.


With new shoes, the most common side effect is corns. The friction of the hard edges on the delicate skin creates these annoying and slow-healing wounds, but there is prevention. Glue a piece of cotton fabric to the inside of the shoe. Thus, the friction during the first wearing will be reduced and the shoe will relax.

Arch pain

These pains are most often caused by shoes that do not have a sufficiently well-defined curve in the middle, which plays the role of supporting the arch. In this way, the weight is distributed unevenly and pain, fatigue and heaviness appear in the feet. In some more severe cases, the arch of the foot may drop.

Unfortunately, the solution here is to put an additional insole in this place or a complete one if the shoe allows it. If you are choosing new shoes, just avoid too high heels and too flat soles. Both options are harmful to the arches.

Sweating feet

It is unpleasant, your feet slip in your shoes, an unpleasant smell may appear, not to mention that all kinds of fungi and microorganisms develop in a humid environment. Choose natural fabrics, avoid patent leather and rubber during the cold months. In the summer, it's good to stick to breathable materials, fabric and natural leather.

If your clothing allows it, wear cotton socks. Nylon sweats extra and contributes to the appearance of a bad smell. In more severe cases, it is good to sprinkle your feet with antiperspirant powder.

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