Fungshui colors for good he alth

Fungshui colors for good he alth
Fungshui colors for good he alth

According to feng shui philosophy, each part of the body is associated with a certain color. See which colors have a beneficial effect on which he alth problems. Add them to your home, office or as part of your look.


This powerful combination of strong red and calming blue creates a balance and helps restore your body. If you suffer from epilepsy or a chemical imbalance,wear the color purple.

associates the skeletal system with this color, so if you suffer from hip dysplasia, back pain or scoliosis, you can benefit from purple.


Blue is the color of liberation. Adding this color to your home or as part of your outfit will help you refresh your body after long periods of work. Blue color is perfect for people who are hyperactive.

In feng shui circles, blue is associated with the thyroid gland. Whether you have an overactive or underactive thyroid gland, this color can help balance it.



The color green is accepted as a dye that promotes growth. You should not wear green if you have he alth problems in which the growth of bad cells must be inhibited. Green color is recommended if you suffer from anemia, poor spermatogenesis, broken bones, calluses, mycosis, warts.


Color that adds light. People who suffer from Alzheimer's disease can greatly benefit from this color as it can help them cope with cognitive impairment.

If you are often stressed, depressed, add more yellow in your daily life, not only as clothes or accessories, but as something small in your home or office. With a weak immune system or any other serious illness that affects any part of your body, the color yellow can be very helpful.


The color orange is power. It can be an excellent aid for digestive problems, as it helps to convert food into energy in the most efficient way possible. Also, orange dyes can help if you suffer from colitis, irritable bowel syndrome, nausea or food allergies.

Fungshui associates this color with the colon, bladder and pelvis, so if you have he alth problems related to these areas, orange can help.

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