4 easy tricks for longer lasting perfume

4 easy tricks for longer lasting perfume
4 easy tricks for longer lasting perfume

It may take years until you find your favorite perfume. You finally find the fragrance that most accurately emphasizes your essence and temperament. But you wonder how to make this fragrance last longer on your body.

Instead of spraying your perfume periodically throughout the day, find out what are the easy and simple ways to prolong its effect.

Spray in specific places

Perfume and body works on the principle of electric aroma diffusers, which disperse fragrance when heated.

That's why you should do the same. Spray your perfume on the parts of your body that give off more heat. This way you will be sure that your favorite fragrance will be around you throughout the day.

The places that give off more heat are the wrists, elbows, neck, the flexion area behind the knees.

Moisturize the skin

Well-hydrated skin emits many times more fragrance than dry skin. The scent of perfume lasts much longer if you apply it over an unscented body oil or lotion and then rub into the skin. It is preferable to do it when the skin is not yet completely dry after a bath, so that the aromas can be deeply absorbed.


On the hair

Spray a little perfume on the ends of the hair as well. Avoid spritzing at the base of the scalp as this increases oiliness.

On clothes

To make sure that your favorite delicate fragrance spreads around you, apply a little on your clothes as well. Do not do it directly as you risk leaving an oily stain.Instead, spray some of the perfume on a cotton pad, wait a few seconds, then run it gently through the fabric of your clothes.

Finally, you can leave the tampon somewhere in the closet, where it will indirectly emit a scent that will soak into your clothes.

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