How to listen to your body?

How to listen to your body?
How to listen to your body?

Too often we take our bodies for granted. There are times when we forget to take good care of it and we don't pay attention to the signals it gives us. Listening to your body is important because that's how we improve what's wrong. How to listen to your body?

Pay attention to stress

Stress can have a huge impact on your he alth. The biggest generators of daily stress are work, family and personal relationships. If you don't deal with stress, it can have negative effects on your he alth. Although it may not cause more than a headache, insomnia, it can worsen pre-existing conditions. To have a negative effect on various areas and organs in the body.

Pay attention to your habits

Are you losing interest in the things you love? When things happen that you used to love until recently cause you complete apathy, it's probably your body trying to signal to you that something is happening to it. It is possible that your favorite activities are displaced by fatigue, the desire to sleep more often and spend time alone with yourself.


Pay attention to your training

If you are one of those who regularly indulge in sports activities, here your body can tell you that maybe something is wrong. You may feel more lethargic, tired, feel pain in certain parts of the body after sports, suffer from insomnia.

Consider whether all this is due to overwork and lack of enough time to rest, nutrient deficiencies, low calorie intake, and perhaps emotional stress is affecting your motivation and sports routine.

Pay attention to your sleep patterns

Quality sleep is very important, because when we are well rested our body functions as well as possible. On the other hand, regular lack of sleep leads to a number of ailments and he alth problems. Stress is usually the main culprit for not getting enough sleep. Therefore, if you notice that you are not sleeping well lately, think about the reasons and do not delay in eliminating them.

Pay attention to your eating habits

When we feed our body food and drink it doesn't need, it always shows us. Eating he althy is the best self-care. Sometimes we forget how the type of food really affects every system in our body. If you recently feel bloated, have digestive problems, headaches or other ailments, think about how much water you drink per day, how often you take s alt, sugar and foods that contain them, what is the quantity and quality of carbohydrates in your diet, do you eat regularly, when is the last meal of the day, etc.n.

Weight Gain

They are also a sign that certain changes are occurring in your body. If you're gaining weight for no apparent reason or suddenly losing weight, it's time to consult a doctor. It is possible that there are problems that you do not suspect or have persistently neglected.

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