Atkinsons - Modern High Society

Atkinsons - Modern High Society
Atkinsons - Modern High Society

The year is 1799 and the place is the iconic 44 Gerrard Street in the bohemian, multicultural Soho district of central London. Perfume house Atkinsons opens its doors with a curated selection of luxury boutique cosmetics and fragrances available only to the British upper class. Fragrances whose fragrance is worthy of aristocrats and nobles – simple and stylish bottles, hiding unique perfumes for their time, both in terms of ingredients and composition. The perfume recipes are jealously guarded by the Atkinson brothers and remain in their original composition to this day.

The reputation of the perfume boutique as a center of ultimate luxury and class is further strengthened with the debut of the first fragrance Atkinsons Eau de Cologne - characterized as "strictly British", the intense men's perfume is quite different from the other Italian colognes that dominate the perfume market in the 1800s.It is fresh, spicy and with a lasting aftertaste - an impressive fragrance that so attracted the attention of King George VI that it led to Atkinsons being announced as the official perfume house of the British royal palace. This recognition from the King is the equivalent of an Oscar in the category "Leading Male Role". The rest, as they say, is history. And yet - 200 years later, the perfume boutique is a leader in the field of luxury niche fragrances and VIP perfumery, and continues to be the choice of a number of stars and celebrities.

Word of the sumptuous scents in which King George bathed transforms the scents into the scent of spicy clove and orange blossom to leave a bittersweet trail like that of impossible love. At once elegant and seductive, Oud Save The Queen is a true royal gem; a diamond in Atkinsons crown.

One of Atkinsons most opulent and distinctive perfumes is the masculine His Majesty The Oud, which is inspired by the charm and magnetism of King Faisal I, the last king of Syria.The exceptional woody fragrance with smoky notes brings the exotic scent of strong black tea, intense clove, warm leather and cedar combined with rare ingredients such as Lao oud and liquid amber.

We continue the walk through the historical events of the Renaissance in Europe with the scent of Tulipe Noire, an extraordinary unisex perfume from Atkinsons, whose sweetness lies in jasmine flowers and ambroxan nectar, refreshed by surprising notes of coriander. Tulipe Noire is an irresistible attraction, and its shocking composition takes us back in time to the Netherlands in the 17th century and the creation of the first black tulip, as told in the novel of the same name by Alexandre Dumas. Just as Dumas' Black Tulip keeps us on edge until the last page with its unexpected twists, the fragrance of Tulipe Noire reveals a complex composition that captivates and amazes until its final, final aromatic note.

Of particular note in the Atkinsons collection is the hedonistic fragrance of 44 Gerard Street, which pays homage to the perfume brand's first boutique.Its fresh energy captures the eccentric and multi-layered spirit of London during the Victorian era. With its refreshing notes of eucalyptus and fragrant ginger, revealing a delicate core of jasmine and orchid blossoms, 44 Gerard Street is a perfect reflection of contemporary high society, successfully combining centuries-old traditions with modern lifestyles.

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