Women's and men's perfumes with the fragrance of Paris

Women's and men's perfumes with the fragrance of Paris
Women's and men's perfumes with the fragrance of Paris

Rock, sexy look, scents reminiscent of Paris, love of freedom, beauty, angels.

The fragrances we apply every day on ourselves not only radiate and complement our individuality, but also reflect our moods.

The transition from one season to another is like a transformation not only of nature, but also of ourselves. We want to share with you an amazing selection of fragrances to rediscover your new self.

But let's start the amazing story from the beginning. Zadig & Voltaire – a fashion brand born in Paris 20 years ago. It is an easy luxury, a luxury accessible to everyone, and its creator is the maestro Thierry Gillier.

The fashion house creates fashion that is casually chic, youthful, French-artistic, provoking freedom of spirit, but preserving feminine and masculine radiance. And somewhere there, between leather jackets, comfortable and sexy jeans, feminine models and carelessly-romantically let-down hair, you can feel the scent of two fragrances - This is HER! and This is HIM!


This new pair of fragrances from Zadig & Voltaire draws on the values ​​of the brand and creates an unexpected meeting of two timeless fragrances. HIM/HER fragrance manifestos have a unique DNA. A blend of precious raw materials, each note is a statement embodying the brand's casual chic style. "I can't imagine life without perfume I like it when I leave a trail because it's a request for the personality. It's an alchemy between you and something else," says Thierry Gillier.

Ladies,here is the selection of fragrances that the brand has put together especially for you.

This is HER! A woody heady floral fragrance, created by Sidonie Lancesseur and Michel Almairac (Robertet) White. Real. Accurate. Parisian elegance is captured in sensual silk and cashmere. Youthful, restless beauty smugly springs from the floral bouquet of Arabian jasmine, garnished with pink pepper.

Sweet rock spirit comes from chestnut and vanilla. Free in spirit and vision, its femininity is confirmed by the intense woody and milky base notes: sandalwood, Zadig & Voltaire's signature. Confident, unpredictable, irresistible.

This is HIM! A woody oriental fragrance by Nathalie Lorson and Aurélien Guichard (Firmenich) Black. Strong. Gentleman rocker with heavy leather spirit. This urban drifter boosts his confidence with spicy incense, grapefruit and black pepper.

Smoothness with a tender heart - half vanilla, half tamyan. A free spirit with a wild instinct – sandalwood, the signature of Zadig & Voltaire. A determined, modern hero, absolutely masculine.

Pay attention to the design of the bottles. The template is broken to reveal the graphic encounter between two characters and their scents. In themselves, the two bottles reflect the revolution of love. An artistic image sculpted like a rock. Feminine white. Masculine black. Between harmony and nature, she and he, together in the intoxicating game of seduction.

Two fragrances you must have together with your favorite. If you don't have a soulmate by your side, apply the fragrances on your skin and who knows, you might even meet love.

Perfumes are now available in the retail network.

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