The most poisonous products in every home

The most poisonous products in every home
The most poisonous products in every home

Toxins aren't just in the air outside. They are all around us. It's hard to believe, but toxins are not few in your own home either. Therefore, you should not contribute further to their increase.

What are some of the most toxic things in every home?


Mattresses gradually replaced the old-fashioned mattresses. Yes, they are comfortable. Yes, it is better to sleep on them, but do we know what exactly they are made of?


Mattresses are impregnated with poisonous chemicals that penetrate our body and harm us. The so-called "foam" used to make mattresses emits a number of chemicals, most notably affecting hormone levels in the body.

This can affect reproductive abilities in both women and men. It can cause neurological problems, thyroid problems.

In it there are metal springs and holding elements. According to research, these metal springs affect the natural flow of electrical impulses through the body by forming an arc. In this way, the work of the heart is disturbed. Cardiovascular disease may occur.

The risk of cancer also increases as cell function is negatively affected.


Wearing perfume is part of the daily life of many women and men. No one would think that perfumes could be harmful in any way, but they are not.


They can contain chemical substances that are really dangerous to he alth, such as acetone, methyl chloride, linalool, camphor.

Inhaling these chemicals can cause serious he alth reactions such as nausea, vomiting, dizziness, headaches, writes


Not only flavoring aerosols are harmful. Many evaporative air fresheners release harmful molecules that mix with certain gases present in every home. This causes the formation of dangerous substances such as formaldehyde, which are a real poison.


Formaldehyde is specifically produced when mixing lemon scent from various cleaning preparations, fragrances, washing products with some gases in the home, especially with irregular ventilation.

Instead, you can and no less efficient way. Grab a bottle of essential oil of your choice. Drill a small hole in its cap and push 2-3 wooden skewer sticks through it.


The wood will soak up the essential oil and emit fragrance in a natural and safe way.


Household cleaning products

These products are not useful and we all know it, but we keep using them. The truth is that they can make our home even more saturated with poisonous substances than they can remove them from it. The reason is the chemical compounds found in the preparations.

Phthalates are one of the most dangerous to he alth. They are found in a wide range of cleaning preparations, especially those without rinsing or rinsing. The advice of experts is to read the labels and avoid buying preparations with questionable ingredients.

There are also a number of them without worrying about harmful actions, and the effect is no less.

Chemical cleaning agents can cause problems with the kidneys, endocrine, respiratory and nervous systems.

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