What is your feng shui element according to your year of birth

What is your feng shui element according to your year of birth
What is your feng shui element according to your year of birth

What colors are suitable for our home furnishings, choosing our clothes according to feng shui is interesting because the right color can strengthen our personal energy and guide us to success. However, to understand what it is, we must first know which feng shui element we belong to. These elements are 5 - wood, fire, earth, metal and water Each one of them has its own specifics and can help improve our energy. According to Chinese traditions, everything is constantly changing and interacting, and this happens through these five elements.

Your personal birth feng shui element is based on your year of birth relative to the Chinese New Year (which does not start on January 1st). To be sure which element is yours, keep a close eye on the date on which the Chinese New Year began for that year.

To make sure you choose your element correctly, keep track of your year and make sure the date and month you were born is after the beginning of the Chinese New Year, so that the element is correct for you. For example, if you were born on February 5, 1950 (02/05/1950), your feng shui year is 1949, not 1950. Why? Because according to the Chinese calendar, the year 1950 begins on February 17, 1950 (17.02.1950). See below which element your year belongs to and the main characteristics of that element.


25.01.1925; 14.02.1934; 25.01.1944; 13/02/1945; 02/03/1954; 24.01.1955; 13.02.1964; 02.02.1965; 23.01.1974; 11.02.1975; 02.02.1984; 20.02.1985; 10.02.1994; 31.01.1995; 22.01.2004; 02/09/2005; 31.01.2014; 19.02.2015; 10.02.2024.

The tree represents innovation, creativity and birth, being considered the element of communication. It corresponds to the color green and the eastern direction. When you position it in a strategic place in your home or office, it will contribute to the location with all these qualities.


13.02.1926; 02.02.1927; 24.01.1936; 11.02.1937; 02.02.1946; 22.01.1947; 12.02.1956; 31.01.1957; 21.01.1966; 02/09/1967; 31.01.1976; 18.02.1977; 02/09/1986; 29.01.1987; 19.02.1996; 07.02.1997; 29.01.2006; 18.02.2007; 02/08/2016; 28.01.2017.

Fire symbolizes and attracts activity, enthusiasm, energy to places where they can be found. It is a warm element that should be treated sparingly, as too much of it can destroy what is around it. Fire is associated with the color red and the south direction.

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