The Phoenix Symbolism in Feng Shui and How to Use It

The Phoenix Symbolism in Feng Shui and How to Use It
The Phoenix Symbolism in Feng Shui and How to Use It

Fungshui is primarily based on spiritual symbolism, the selection of shapes, colors, figures that represent levers for activating energy in a way we desire. If we know how to properly use all these elements in the right corner of the home, we can invite change, prosperity and renewal into our lives.

The phoenix is one such symbol that has a special place in feng shui. This mythical creature has immense spiritual significance in ancient philosophy. Like the dragon, the phoenix appears in Eastern culture but also in Western mythologies. The divine bird has the gift of burning itself in its flames, dying and being reborn from the ashes.

In feng shui, birds are generally associated with freedom and celestial energies. They fly above the ground free and undisturbed. The phoenix can soar toward the sun, also a symbol of fire and flames. The red phoenix in feng shui is a symbol of the southern direction, its embodiment and its protector. It is associated with the energy of the sun, and the element of fire in feng shui is associated with prosperity and new opportunities, according to

How to use the phoenix symbolism in your home?

The arrangement of objects in the home, as well as the use of the directions according to which it is located, is used in feng shui to attract positive energies to yourself, your home, your family. Using images to symbolize certain goals is a way to direct energy in the direction you want.

You can use the phoenix in several ways in your home.

Activate South Sector

The southern sector of the home brings inspiration, desire for growth, prosperity, new opportunities and increased we alth. If you place a phoenix in this sector, you will attract such energy to you that will be able to flow freely through the southern sector in your home.

The Phoenix and the Dragon

If you want a harmonious and balanced relationship, to develop your romantic relationship, the phoenix and the dragon can help you. Place figurines depicting mythical creatures in the far right corner of your home. It is located on the right side of the house, viewed from the front door.

For career growth and new good opportunities

If you want to achieve professional success, to open up new opportunities and reap good achievements, use the phoenix. Place a phoenix figurine in the central corner of your home. You can also use phoenix images, not just figurines. Alternatively, you can use your front door. It symbolizes the portal through which energy enters your home. It can also be decorated with signs symbolizing a phoenix.

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