6 simple ways to use feng shui in your home

6 simple ways to use feng shui in your home
6 simple ways to use feng shui in your home

Fengshui can bring prosperity, prosperity, happiness and love to your home. It is not difficult to use it to enjoy a harmonious and balanced home. There are some feng shui basics that you can take advantage of to make your home a wonderful energy place.

Emphasis on vertical arrangement

Try to rearrange everything in height. You don't have to make it so that you need a ladder to reach your favorite items. It is only necessary to free up enough space in a horizontal line so that the energy passes freely and you have enough space. Use all possible cabinets and shelves to organize the objects and tools at home.

Keep it clean

One of the main principles of feng shui is cleanliness. It is important for channeling positive energy in the home. The dirtier and messier the place you live in, the harder it is for the energy to balance and bring you happiness and good luck. Your productivity also suffers if you're surrounded by dirt and clutter. Keep clean and dust regularly.

Sort and discard the unnecessary

In every home there are things to throw away. For some reason, they are collected or dumped somewhere without any purpose or purpose. Throw away everything you don't need to make room for the new in your life. Arrange your home so that the interior "breathes", not "suffocates".

Remove Obstructing Objects

In order for the energy to flow and pass freely through the home, there should not be any objects in it that interfere with it. In addition, you will also find it easier to move around and live in your home if it is cleared of unnecessary obstructions, especially on the floor and accessible areas.

Add Plants

Live plants are a very good way to improve the energy in the home according to feng shui. They purify energy. Plants are a symbol of life. They give oxygen, brighten the home and increase vitality in the home.

Add metal to the home

The year 2021 is under the sign of the White Metal Ox, according to the Chinese calendar. Weave metal elements into your home for more luck and prosperity. You can add a different element each year, according to the calendar, so you always have a current element to help you balance your energy.

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