Does working out cause acne?

Does working out cause acne?
Does working out cause acne?

Regular training is of great importance for he alth. Cheeks blush, shine and a slight warmth is felt on the skin. At this point, the risk of pore clogging and inflammation increases.

This is how acne appears. What can you do to prevent acne from working out?

Wash your face as soon as you are done

This is the best way to prevent exercise related acne. Wash your face with cool water right after you finish your workout because sweat creates the conditions for acne-causing bacteria to grow.

Take a shower as soon as possible

After a workout, don't leave in sweaty clothes. It is not a good option to change into dry clothes without showering immediately after exercise.

Retention of sweat on the skin, and with it other particles of the skin, causes acne on the neck, chest and back. Try to shower right after you finish your workout.

Don't touch your face

It is inevitable that your hands will come into contact with hundreds of thousands of bacteria when you exercise. Whether you do it at the gym (where the equipment is full of bacteria), at home, or outdoors, bacteria are everywhere.

Whatever you do, don't touch your face so you don't "stick" more germs on it.

Wipe your gym equipment

Before using any fitness equipment, wipe the parts with which you have direct contact with an antibacterial wipe. Dozens of people have used them before you and left their bacteria on the handles.

The mixing of sweat, hand bacteria and foreign bacteria is a huge prerequisite for the appearance of skin inflammations, including.

Wear loose cotton clothes

Cotton is a natural material that breathes and prevents the accumulation of sweat. Too tight outfits are not a good choice.

Take off your makeup before working out

When you exercise your body needs to cool down. This happens through the pores of the skin. If they are clogged with makeup, cooling becomes impossible. Sweat secretions accumulate under the makeup and the result is pus-filled acne.

Exfoliate once a week

Exfoliation helps get rid of the dead layer of cells that "trap" bacteria on the skin. Choose gentler exfoliants and avoid aggressive scrubbing of the skin, which further complicates acne.

Choose the right sunscreen

It is imperative to wear sunscreen if you are exercising outdoors. You need to choose the most suitable cream for your skin. In this way, you will protect your skin from the accumulation of an oily layer that blocks the pores.

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