8 Everyday Things That Cause Adult Acne

8 Everyday Things That Cause Adult Acne
8 Everyday Things That Cause Adult Acne

Acne is a problem that affects not only teenagers. It can also occur in adults. The reasons for its appearance can be many and different. However, part of the factors are also some daily habits that we have and which we do not realize interfere with the normal function of the skin.

What are the things in our daily life that can cause acne in adults?

Mobile phone

Our phones have a very dirty surface. Billions of bacteria and disease-causing microorganisms stick to it, which can affect the skin and cause inflammation, the appearance of blackheads, skin problems.

Lack of sleep

Not getting enough sleep can cause all sorts of he alth and emotional problems. Lack of sleep turns out to be one of the possible causes of acne in adults. This is because insufficient sleep causes a decline in the immune system, which fails to deal with various infections, including those on the skin that cause acne.

Vitamin D deficiency

Vitamin D plays an important role in stimulating the normal functions of the immune system and the skin. When there is a deficiency, the skin begins to suffer. Often, elderly people with acne also have some fluctuations in their vitamin D levels.

Too thick makeup

Heavy make-up affects the normal functions of the skin. Pores become clogged, sebaceous glands secrete more sebum, and this is a classic recipe for acne. In the conditions created for the development of bacteria, inflammations are also observed, which develop into purulent breakthroughs.

Change facial products too often

The skin needs time to adapt to the products you use. It is important to choose them very carefully according to the type of skin and according to its individual characteristics, which means knowing your skin well. If you change face products too often, both cleansers and white cosmetics and make-up, you create conditions for the appearance of adult acne.

Too much sugar

Consumption of sugars and fast refined carbohydrates, pasta, makes the skin of adults more prone to acne. Sugar causes pores to dilate, secreting large amounts of sebum that clog skin pores. Sugars also feed bad bacteria in the skin that grow and cause inflammation.

Too much face touch

By constantly touching the skin on the face, we transfer even more bacteria from our hands to the skin. This nervous habit may be the cause of adult acne.

Using Acne Products

Contrary to expectations, products designed to fight acne can actually cause or worsen it. This is because they often dry out the skin too aggressively and make it irritated, red, inflamed and unable to fight acne-causing factors. It is important that the skin is treated with the right products, that it is well hydrated and that its protective lipid layer does not suffer from the use of such products.

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