5 things your skin is trying to tell you

5 things your skin is trying to tell you
5 things your skin is trying to tell you

Dry and flaky skin that is flaky or very oily, one that has red spots… Your skin is trying to tell you that your body needs your attention because the largest organ is always a reflection of our he alth. Skin changes may be an indication of something not so harmless, such as:

Pimples on forehead

Irregularities on the forehead, blackheads, acne. Your skin is trying to tell you a few things. First, pay attention to stress, anxiety. This type of skin problem can signal dehydration of the body, constipation.

What you can do for yourself is to try to reduce stress and cleanse your body of accumulated toxins. Don't forget, in addition to your favorite drinks, to drink at least eight glasses of water a day.


Cystic acne

Cystic acne pimples appear on the jaw and chin area. They are large, located deep under the skin, can take weeks to heal, and are sometimes painful to the touch. This type of acne suggests a hormonal imbalance, aliver that needs detoxification.

To regulate the formation of acne, it is important to adjust your diet. Try to control your intake of sugar, white carbohydrates, unhe althy fats, caffeine, alcohol and processed foods. Physical activity is also important because cystic acne is also associated with lymphatic stasis.

Swollen eyelids

Do you sleep on your stomach? This can be one of the reasons why you wake up with puffy eyelids. If this ailment is accompanied by itching, reddening of the skin, it may be about some allergy, most often to herbs, flowers, dyes in cosmetic products and others.

Also, if you like to eat more s alty and sour foods, your body also retains more excess fluids, and this also causes puffiness of the eyelids.


Acne near the mouth and on the nose

Red and inflamed pimples in these areas suggest possible digestive problems or food sensitivities.

You can easily do a food sensitivity test yourself by trying to eliminate certain foods from your menu. If you think you're lacking any digestive enzymes,try taking a teaspoon of vinegar before meals or taking enzyme supplements.

Another thing you can do to improve your stomach he alth is to eat more probiotic foods, fresh fruits, vegetables and fiber.

Yellow and darker spots on arms and legs

It is good to consult a doctor, because this skin condition most often suggests the presence of diabetes. These spots appear as a result of high levels of triglycerides and blood sugar.

Diabetes sometimes comes with hidden symptoms, so pay more attention to the condition of your skin.

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