Foods that increase the risk of acne

Foods that increase the risk of acne
Foods that increase the risk of acne

is an unpleasant inflammatory skin disease, which unfortunately has too complex and varied mechanisms, making it really difficult to control. The causes of acne in different people vary from hormonal imbalance to diet to bacterial infections and inflammation, making it difficult to find the cause of acne.

Certainly, however, diet plays a role in both triggering acne and aggravating the symptoms of pre-existing skin disease. Some foods are proven to be harmful and can cause serious skin problems. What are they and why should you avoid them?

Refined sugars and pasta

These foods that contain sugars and dough made from white refined flour create conditions for inflammation in the skin and can cause acne as well as make it worse. Among these foods are:

  • White bread, crackers, ready-to-eat cereals, desserts;
  • Pasta;
  • White rice and noodles;
  • Fizzy drinks and other sweetened juices;
  • Sugar, maple syrup, honey, agave juice.

Dairy products

There is a link between acne and milk protein consumption. Dairy products increase inflammation in the body's tissues, including the skin, the largest organ in the human body. Excessive consumption of dairy products makes acne worse, the skin more oily with increased secretion of sebum.


Chocolate contains antioxidants that are good for the skin and the body. This is especially true for pure, unadulterated dark chocolate. All other chocolate products contain many harmful ingredients that together cause acne and make it worse.

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