Appearance of spots on the skin - how to remove them?

Appearance of spots on the skin - how to remove them?
Appearance of spots on the skin - how to remove them?

How is it that, looking at our face in the mirror, at one point we exclaim: "This was not here before!".

What are skin spots

They can be darker or lighter than the rest of the skin. In the first case, the phenomenon is called hyperpigmentation, and in the second - depigmentation. It is necessary to know why they arise so that we can protect ourselves, or if they have already appeared, to fight them.

Our skin contains cells called melanocytes, which contain melanin and it is precisely this that determines the color of our skin. If we have whitening of the skin or lighter spots, then the melanocytes there have decreased. If the spots are darker, it means that they have increased.

Most people have problems with hyperpigmentation: moles, freckles, spots during pregnancy or old age.

When we have moles or freckles, the factors can be both external and internal. If we have to look for the cause in our organism, it can be a lack of iron, calcium, vitamins A, E and B, but most often the external factor - the sun - is to blame.

If we have acne, or we have just waxed, we should not expose ourselves to the sun. Ladies who remove hair from their upper lip with wax should be especially careful. Ultraviolet rays damage cells, and some products we use when exposed to the sun aggravate the problem. This includes cosmetics - perfumes and deodorants containing alcohol. There are cosmetic preparations containing mercury that can cause darkening of the skin. The same goes for some birth control pills.

How to fight skin spots

First of all, we must protect ourselves from the sun and little by little the spots will fade. There are depigmenting creams that give results after longer use. If you want faster results, look into glycolic acid or laser peel therapy. Before taking any measures, consult a dermatologist.

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