How to prevent acne from training

How to prevent acne from training
How to prevent acne from training

Exercises are important for the he alth of the body and the normal course of processes in it. However, exercise can also be harmful to skin as it creates the perfect conditions for the bacteria that cause acne.

Abundant sweating and an increase in body temperature are an environment for the development of disease-causing bacteria, causing inflammations on the skin. The increased blood supply also contributes to the nourishment of both all the cells in the body, which is beneficial, as well as the bacteria.

What can you do to prevent acne caused by training?

If you wear makeup, remove it before training

Never exercise with makeup on. It is recommended to remove it before you start exercising because it seals the pores of the skin and creates a plug between it and the air. Thus, dead epithelial cells, sebum, sweat, minerals separated with sweat, as well as numerous bacteria are retained in the skin.

If your hair is long, tie it away from your face

Sweating hair contributes to the transfer of bacteria from the scalp and their multiplication on the skin of the face. Moisture in the hair can also cause disease-causing fungus to grow from the scalp to the face. Always tie your hair back while exercising, trying to keep wet strands out of your face.

Remove any accessories that might touch your face

During training, when doing intense exercises, it is good to take off everything that could touch your face - jewelry, hair accessories, glasses. If you must wear any accessory, wash it immediately afterwards before wearing it again.

Sanitize common surfaces

If you are in a gym and use equipment that is touched by many people, wipe them with an antibacterial wet towel before touching them. It's important to do this because it's extremely easy to transfer bacteria from dirty hands to your face. It is enough to forget that you should not touch your face and wipe the sweat with your fingers.

Avoid touching face with hands

Touching the face with hands is a harmful habit that transfers bacteria from contaminated surfaces to the skin of the face. The mixture of bacteria, sebum, sweat and dead cells is dangerous for skin he alth.

Wear light, sweat-absorbent clothing

It is important that when you sweat, your clothes do not allow sweat to stay on the skin. They should absorb the released liquid immediately and at the same time dry quickly.

Change sweaty clothes immediately

To protect yourself from acne and other skin infections, immediately change your sweaty wet clothes to dry ones after leaving the gym. Even if you don't shower in the gym bathroom, change into clean clothes after your workout.

Take a shower

It is not always possible to take a shower after training. Some people prefer to take advantage of the comfort of their shower at home, but it takes time after the workout to get to it. Shower as soon as possible after exercise to prevent bacteria from growing dangerously and causing acne.

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