8 causes of adult acne

8 causes of adult acne
8 causes of adult acne

Acne in adults occurs for many different reasons. Medicine is still not fully aware of all the mechanisms causing this unpleasant skin problem characteristic of the teenage age. That's why adults can also suffer from acne, which differs in its nature from that of teenagers, and the reasons for it are also different. Here are some of them.

1. Hormones

Female hormones change throughout the menstrual cycle from day 1 to the onset of the next period. Most often, pimples in older mature women of reproductive age come out around the cycle. Hormonal acne in adults usually occurs on and around the chin. The reason is the increase in progesterone, which stimulates the secretion of sebum.

2. Stress

Acne in adults is also affected by stress levels in the body. Stress hormones interfere with the balance of the endocrine system, provoking the appearance of acne and its worsening. Cortisol and androgens (male hormones) are at the root of the acne problem in adults, which are elevated when there are high levels of stress in the body.

3. The phone

The phone carries a lot of bacteria that directly touches your face when you use the phone. With poor facial cleansing, clogged pores and sebum secretion, adding bacteria from the phone on the face makes the problem even bigger.

4. Genes

In many cases it is genetically determined whether a disease will be unlocked or not. Acne can also be genetically predisposed, especially with immune system problems or if an autoimmune disease is present.

5. Pot

Sweating, especially profuse sweat, creates favorable conditions for the development of bacteria on the skin, which are easily spread through clothes and hands. If you touch your face often, it also creates conditions for acne and inflammation.

6. Cosmetic and cleaning products

In many cases, adult acne is caused by the use of certain cosmetic and washing products that have a bad effect on the skin. Added dyes, enhancers, fragrances can cause inflammation and clog the pores of the skin. This creates conditions for the development of bacteria, which will be difficult to get rid of later.

7. Excessive face washing

Skin still needs its natural oils and some beneficial bacteria. When you wash your face, it loses its ability to protect itself from disease-causing microorganisms. In addition, drying out the skin is also a prerequisite for the appearance of acne, because the skin becomes vulnerable, cracked, irritated, flaky.

8. You're pinching the buds before they're "ripe"

Squeezing pimples is completely contraindicated. But it's even worse when you start picking them before they're ready to be squeezed.In such cases, extensive painful areas with swelling and redness are formed, which also inflame the surrounding tissues, and the problem becomes even deeper.

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