The benefits of apple cider vinegar in beauty care

The benefits of apple cider vinegar in beauty care
The benefits of apple cider vinegar in beauty care

Apple vinegar has many benefits for the body. It also successfully takes care of skin and hair he alth.

See the amazing beauty benefits of vinegar.

Helps against acne

The acids in apple cider vinegar successfully suppress inflammation and acne breakouts. Treat the affected areas of the skin with a cotton pad well soaked in vinegar. Be careful not to hold for more than a few minutes to avoid burns and injuries.

Dandruff Treatment

Vinegar relieves itching, flaking of the scalp and redness. Dilute equal parts of vinegar and water and use this mixture to rinse the scalp after shampooing.Allow to dry without rinsing off the vinegar. If you have severe dandruff, apply every night and wash again in the morning.

Detox Bath

Soaking your whole body in an apple cider vinegar bath is a great way to reduce muscle pain, shake off stress and relieve joint stiffness. In addition, vinegar accelerates the release of toxins from the skin, making it smooth and clean.

Face masks

Vinegar can be used to make facial masks with healing power. Mixed with clay, apple cider vinegar works wonders for the skin.

Hair masks

Apple vinegar revives dry and damaged hair. It balances the pH in the hair, stimulates the root and suppresses the production of excess sebum. Vinegar helps to style the hair with a hairdryer more easily because it makes the hair more manageable.


Soaking your feet in a vinegar bath kills bad odors and bacteria.

Skin tones

If your skin has lost its glow and needs toning, choose apple cider vinegar. Dilute it with equal parts water. Vinegar makes the skin's pH neutral, brightens the complexion, balances and hydrates.

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