How does stress affect acne?

How does stress affect acne?
How does stress affect acne?

Acne is an extremely unpleasant skin problem that not only threatens the face and other parts from the body, but it affects self-esteem and even social life badly. In some more severe cases of acne, patients report that they find it difficult to find an intimate partner because of the embarrassing problem.

In acne, it is difficult to identify the exact factors that are at the root of this skin disease. The causes can be many and mixed. A big role is played by the hormonal balance in the body, not only the care of cleanliness and he alth ofskin.

In recent research it turns out that stress plays a major role in the occurrence and severity of this skin problem.

Research shows that the more stressful and busy a day you have, the more you are at risk of acne. If you already have this problem, don't wonder why it doesn't go away with time, on the contrary.

According to scientists, the cells that produce oily substance in the skin or sebum also have receptors for stress hormones Sebum is a substance that mixes with dead skin cells and bacteria to form a sticky and shiny layer This thick sticky layer is acne condition.

The more sebum is secreted on the skin, the more the problem worsens. When, in addition, everyday life is strongly under the sign of stress, the production of sebum increases.

Of course, this is not the only prerequisite for the appearance of acne. Even oily skin is not always acneic. Because of this, the research is contradictory and not always sufficiently convincing. For this reason, no effective medicine against acne has yet been invented.

One thing is for sure - stress affects many aspects of life badly, so do everything you can to reduce it. This will not only reduce the symptoms of acne, but also improve your overall he alth.

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