5 ways to hydrate your skin from the inside out

5 ways to hydrate your skin from the inside out
5 ways to hydrate your skin from the inside out

We know that our skin needs good hydration all year round, no matter what its type is - dry, mixed to oily, normal, sensitive, mature, acne prone. We ensure good hydration by using the right cosmetic care for it, but also through the foods and drinks we consume every day.

As much as you may not believe it, fresh peaches, apricots, zucchini, lettuce, tomatoes, melon, green tea, are just some of the foods and drinks that contribute to we look really attractive thanks to the care they provide for our skin from the inside out. Check out some more delicious and fresh ways to hydrate your skin every day.


A wonderful fruit that has many he alth benefits, including our skin. Watermelon contains about 92% water and is a rich source of vitamins A, C and B6. It also provides us with lycopene and amino acids that contribute to keeping our skin looking good. In summer days, its regular consumption hydrates the skin well, besides making us feel fresher. The best part about eating watermelon regularly is that the fruit helps us retain less excess fluid, which also has something to do with whether we will look fresh.


Cucumber is also rich in vitamin C,which is an antioxidant involved in the synthesis of collagen, which in turn helps our skin to be more beautiful and smooth. In addition, the vegetable also has detoxifying properties that help eliminate toxins from our body.

By consuming cucumbers, we not only hydrate our body, but also help our skin to be fresher, rejuvenated, revitalized.Cucumber is another useful food that helps us get rid of some of the retained excess fluids that usually make us look puffy, especially in the face.


Another useful fruit for beautiful and hydrated skin is the exotic papaya. Papaya is high in water and low in sodium. It is a rich source of vitamins A, C, which are one of the most important nutritional elements for the he alth and beauty of the skin. It also provides us with folic acid, magnesium and potassium. The consumption of the fruit contributes to our skin being fresher, more beautiful. You can pamper your skin with papaya in the form of a homemade face mask.

Fresh, tasty and low in calories, coconut water is a pleasure for our senses and skin. It hydrates our body well, it is rich in potassium, which helps to maintain the balance of fluids in the body. Coconut water not only keeps us in shape, but also takes care of the he alth and beauty of our skin, especially during summer days.

Lemon water

There are a number of he alth benefits of consuming lemon water. Lemon contains good amounts of vitamin C, which as mentioned is essential for our body and skin. A glass of water with fresh lemon juice improves digestion, refreshes us, hydrates us, helps eliminate excess fluids, detoxifies the body. All this contributes to feeling and looking fresh. Also, drinking lemon water helps maintain the pH balance of our skin and body.

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