How to reduce photoaging of facial skin?

How to reduce photoaging of facial skin?
How to reduce photoaging of facial skin?

Did you know that 80% of sun exposure happens during our daily lives and the most exposed area is our face? But what about the impact of blue light, which is known to be responsible for 25% of cellular damage?

Unfortunately, every day the rays we are exposed to accelerate photoaging, which also leads to the earlier appearance of wrinkles and age spots. Blue light increases the harmful effects of UVA rays.

Then how can we provide the best skin protection from these rays?

Undoubtedly, our skin needs Eau Thermale Avène's patented filter system, TriAsorB™.It reinforces the degree of skin protection against photoaging caused by blue light and offers the highest level of protection against deep and visible skin changes. TriAsorB™ is the first ultra-broad spectrum sun protection filter for short UVB-UVA rays, long UVA rays and blue light up to 450 mn.

Large amounts of blue-violet visible rays are present in daylight, and when the sky is clear, they penetrate even deeper into the layers of the skin than UV rays. These rays are charged with energy and lead to oxidative stress, affecting cells from the first hour of "exposure". Day after day, they increase the risk of photoaging, the appearance of long-term hyperpigmentation, wrinkles.

Sun protection is a daily concern, not a concern only when we are on the mountain, sea or pool. That's why we need a faithful ally in caring for the he alth and beauty of our skin.


Fortunately, Eau Thermale Avène has launched a new series of facial sunscreen products, with amazing textures that meet the needs of the skin. Protection from the sun and photoaging is now as easy and natural as daily skin hydration, no matter whether we are in urban environment on the street or we are on the beach.

Our skin is hydrated and protected, thanks to 6 formulas,that meet the needs of every type of facial skin. Easy to apply, enriched with Avène thermal water, and the best part is that the texture is so light on the skin that immediately after applying it, we can also apply our makeup.

No matter if our skin is normal to oily, dry or very dry, suffering from acne, it is protected, nourished. Formulas with light pigments that improve skin tone, and depending on the type of facial care, we can pamper our skin with tapioca powder, rice powder, hydrating glycerin, monolaurin, which mattifies the skin. The perfect face sun protection with 50 SPF for every day. Choose your care and enjoy the sun all year round.

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