To protect the feet from calluses in winter

To protect the feet from calluses in winter
To protect the feet from calluses in winter

We are constantly listening, reading, debating with colleagues and friends how to keep the skin of our hands uncracked and how to achieve radiant skin on the face like that of a popular big screen star. And do we think about our feet often enough, or hidden under thick socks and high boots during the winter season, do we completely neglect our care for them?

With the snowy picture outside, it's hard for us to imagine it, but in just 2-3 months spring will knock and it will be too late to start taking care of dry skin and calluses on the feet only then. So that you don't have to buy new tights after just wearing the old one, take care of them now. Here is a short and beneficial procedure that you can apply several times a week.

The skin on our feet is quite hard due to the fact that we load them daily with the weight of our body. In order to soften it, it is good to soak our feet for at least 5-10 minutes in warm water before clean the dead cells If your heels have cracks, it is good to add peppermint oil to the water to soften them too.

The next step is exfoliation For this purpose, you can use a ready-made exfoliant or prepare a homemade one. Mix a spoonful of sea s alt with a few drops of зехтин or peppermint oil and very little water and rub well all over the feet, paying more attention to the hard areas. Rinse with lukewarm water.

Additional scrubbing with a pumice stone will smooth the skin of the feet to perfection and remove as much hardening as possible. Followed by washing with soap, rinsing and drying with a soft towel.

Apply your favorite lotion liberally and with massaging movements gently rub it into the feet and ankles. In addition to being hygienic and cosmetic, this procedure will also have a healing effect, as it will relieve fatigue and tension in your entire body.

Even though you are unlikely to apply nail polish to your toenails in winter, be sure to trim your nails carefully and clean the cuticles around them.

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