Why use serums enriched with vitamin C?

Why use serums enriched with vitamin C?
Why use serums enriched with vitamin C?

Did you know that one of the best vitamins for skin he alth and beauty, helping to retain moisture in it is vitamin C? Therefore, it is often included in various cosmetic products, such as serums We usually apply them before moisturizing care, choosing, of course, the product that is suitable for our skin type.

Why use serums enriched with vitamin C?

Help regenerate skin cells

A number of scientific studies have proven that the antioxidant vitamin C plays a key role in the regeneration process of damaged skin cells.In addition to the importance of consuming enough he althy foods rich in the important vitamin, serums enriched with it enhance the skin's recovery process.

Eliminate offenders

When our menu is rich in antioxidants, they help the body fight free radicals, strengthen immunity. Similarly, vitamin C helps the skin. It is easily absorbed by it and reduces the harmful influence of free radicals as a result of the environment, UV rays, dirty air.


Helps relieve acne

Studies show that vitamin C can reduce inflammation in acne-prone skin, helping it heal and soothe redness. The vitamin also helps synthesis of collagen and elastin,which contribute to its better appearance and he alth.

Reduces the effects of aging

Skin aging is a natural process that we cannot stop, but we can slow down or help our skin age beautifully.

Another good reason to use serums enriched with vitamin C, is that by helping the synthesis of collagen and elastin, our skin becomes tighter, more elastic, smoother and with a fresh complexion. Wrinkles appear more slowly.

Less pigment spots

It is difficult to protect our skin from the appearance of pigment spots, and sometimes it can take months to remove them. Vitamin C helps reduce melanin synthesis, which causes hyperpigmentation. It is believed that the vitamin is a good care and to reduce dark circles under the eyes. Therefore, by regularly applying serums enriched with it to our skin, our skin has a more radiant and even complexion.

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