5 substances to limit to age he althily

5 substances to limit to age he althily
5 substances to limit to age he althily

A balanced diet and leading a he althy lifestyle in general are very important prerequisites for good he alth as we age. If you want to age he althily, you need to follow certain norms and principles of nutrition from your youth. They can contribute to the good condition of the body and be a prerequisite for longevity and good he alth.

Consumption of certain foods, especially if they are in excess, can worsen he alth conditions, cause inflammation in cells and tissues, and accelerate aging processes. If you want to age he althily, eliminate or minimize these nutrients.


Excessive sugar consumption, especially on a daily basis, can lead to inflammation, increased risk of obesity, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, insulin resistance, cardiovascular disease, increased triglyceride and cholesterol levels. Keep sugar intake to a minimum. Focus on the natural sources of carbohydrates that your body actually needs-fruits, vegetables, grains, and whole grains.


S alt is the other enemy of he alth. It is needed in very small amounts. The body gets it from the foods we consume every day, because many of them contain natural amounts of sodium. The added s alt appears in excess for the body, and this can be a prerequisite for hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, inflammations, kidney diseases, which harms the overall he alth.


If you want to keep your he alth in good condition as long as possible, limit the consumption of foods containing nitrites.Nitrites are compounds that are used to preserve products. They act as preservatives. Most often, they are used in sausages, delicacies, ready-made processed meats. Nitrites in excess can be a prerequisite for narrowed arteries, hardening of their walls, cholesterol deposits, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes. They may also increase the risk of certain cancers, according to livestrong.com.

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