Body parts that give away your age

Body parts that give away your age
Body parts that give away your age

The first signs of aging appear in certain places. Over the years, the age that certain areas of the body give off is more and more noticeable. It is not only facial wrinkles that are a factor in recognizing aging. Sometimes they are formed because of the facial expressions we make in our daily life. There are more telltale places on the body that can tell us how old we are. This is who they are.


When skin aging starts to become visible, the elbows are one of the places where it shows the most. With an extended hand, aging skin wrinkles, peels, becomes drier and rougher.


The same goes for the knees. When you stand up and bend your knee, it gets more and more creases with each passing year.As we age, the skin becomes less elastic. It synthesizes less and less collagen to keep it well stretched and fresh. Also, over the years, our weight is more likely to have fluctuated. If you've lost weight after your thirtieth birthday, it's quite possible that the skin on your knees has become even more telltale wrinkled.


Hands are one of the first parts of the body to show our age. The signs of aging are visible on them, especially due to dryness and the appearance of pigment spots.


Nails are a barometer for the overall he alth and condition of the body from the inside. Over time, they begin to harden. If you feel that you are cutting them more and more difficult, this is one of the signs of aging.


Wrinkles on the neck and neck become more and more visible with age. The neck is exposed directly to the influence of atmospheric conditions and sunlight, which further accelerates the aging of the skin in this area.


As we age, not only do more white hairs appear, but the hair itself begins to thin. It's getting thinner and thinner. Every day, more and more hairs fall out, and they themselves lose their density and become softer and thinner with time.


The skin on the lips is very delicate. They can also show wrinkles and more fine lines that give away your age. Lips also lose some of their plumpness with age.

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