6 things that make our body age faster

6 things that make our body age faster
6 things that make our body age faster

Do you know what hormonal imbalance,drinking from bottles too often and not showering after sports have in common? These things can accelerate the aging of our body. Sounds weird, doesn't it? See what other habits contribute to these processes.

You are sitting for a long time

People whose work or lifestyle involves prolonged sitting within 8 hours, do not exercise regularly, according to a study, are biologically 8 years older than their actual age. According to scientists, prolonged sitting can shorten our chromosomes, which can lead to some diseases. That's why experts advise to do exercise at least 30 minutes a day and take short breaks from sitting every 30 minutes.

You often wear heavy earrings

Massive jewelry is beautiful and fashionable, but it can also cause our body to age faster. We know that the skin of the ears is delicate and will lose its elasticity over time. Frequent wearing of heavy earrings accelerates its relaxation, the holes expand and this adds years to our appearance.


You mostly consume red meat

According to studies, the frequent consumption of red meat and the deficiency of fruits and vegetables can increase the biological age, but also lead to chronic kidney disease. That is why it is important that our menu is balanced.

You are lonely, you have no close friends

Social contacts with friends are important for a number of reasons. The lack of pleasant emotions and social contacts can also lead to a number of he alth problems such as depression, heart disease, and faster aging.Some scientists compare the harm of loneliness to that of tobacco smoking.

You change your diet often

In many cases, the diet regimes we follow in our desire to lose weight can lead to physical and emotional stress. Unfortunately, stress accelerates the aging process in the body. It is always better to eat he althy and exercise regularly. This will help us burn extra pounds and be positive.

You consume too much sugar and dairy products

If you haven't figured it out yet, refined sugar, sugar products, cause serious inflammation in the body. Sugar also negatively affects collagen, which keeps our skin young and elastic. According to some studies, the frequent consumption of dairy products, as well as those with sugar, can lead to inflammatory processes in the body. This leads to oxidative stress, which is also a factor in premature aging.

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